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Billions? Yes, billions of data points go into determining the fair market value for each vacation ownership that we care for. With marketing plans customized to meet buyer or renter demand, and tailored to factors like supply, vacation trends, social media activity, weather and local events, vacation owners simply make more with TrueShares AI.

Artificial Intelligence or "AI" in vacation real estate market can take many forms. AI encompasses analytics that inform vacation investing and decision making as well as lightning-fast automations that help timeshare consumers throughout the buying, selling, renting or vacation property management service process. At TrueShares we truly embrace this new technology for the good of our clients, employees and industry.
TrueShares AI is on every resort listing. Try it out.
Vacation property Appraisers, for instance, now compete or utilize Automated Valuation Models, or AVMs, that use AI to value properties. In addition, vacation industry lenders make underwriting decisions that are rooted in AI's risk calculations, and resort developers select construction sites based on tips for finding fewer zoning restrictions. AI has even made vacation property marketing more efficient. AI-powered platforms can generate timeshare advertising recommendations tailored to each client’s personal goals and can combine that with the current market conditions to create a sale or rental in a timely manner.

At TrueShares we use artificial intelligence to build “cognitive technologies” for the vacation timeshare industry. Its solutions include software robots that complement the work of human employees, enabling automations that can help to deal with repetitive tasks. Our technologies can help timeshare industry advertisers, improve results, customer experience and marketing window. We love our conversational "TrueShares AI" that can be used for the timeshare real estate industry. Its AI chat and voice interfaces can be available to customers when live agents are not. They’re capable of helping to match customers with properties, accept offers, capture and follow up on and answer customer questions based on consistently updated information of any particular resort, area or subject. TrueShares AI offers a vast collection of resources, timeshare data and resort updates to help customers make informed decisions on vacation properties of interest. With instant access to accurate information and tailored searches, people can master the vacation timeshare real estate market and select the right property for them. There’s no detail we overlook, no vacation touchpoint we haven’t considered. All this leads to happy renters, glowing buyers and your personal flourishing success.

TrueShares powerful e-commerce platform (on has an in-house marketing team that is dedicated to using TrueShares AI to attract buyers, sellers and renters. Visiting guest are encouraged to book rentals, make buy offers or ask questions about ownership. Our timeshare resale and rental platform ensures that guests come back to TrueShares when they plan their next vacation or are ready to finally become owners. Across all our marketing, the focus is 100% vacation timeshare. Every location gets individualized attention, and results are measured on the state, city, destination level. Our search engine optimization (SEO) specialists use local and international knowledge to help appear prominently in Google results. For instance, we tailor different pages on to 1,000's of different keywords, so our marketing reflects the popular lingo for vacation timeshares in your resort area.

Another key to getting more sold and rented ownerships is to put your vacation property in front of not just the most people, but the right people. That’s why we aim to be as targeted as possible with our marketing and build our own marketing tools to support these efforts. TrueShares AI targets groups of high-income earners that take regular vacations and appreciate the best that the vacation industry offers. Vacation resale and rental email marketing is one major way we utilize TrueShares AI. We send over 1000 emails each week, all of which are targeted and personalized (with the help of our TrueShares AI automation tools). For instance, we can show guests vacation timeshare homes within driving distance of their address, or alert them to a getaway idea that’s near where they’ve stayed before. Each valued owner or guest receives content that’s unique—and more importantly relevant—to them. TrueShares AI gets personal to better serve your vacation resale and rental goals!

Managing a timeshare vacation rental isn’t easy—but TrueShares AI makes it look that way. That’s because TrueShares AI handles every hassle for you. No fielding renter or buyer calls after midnight or tracking your reservations on multiple booking sites. Collecting proceeds can be that "hassle" we mentioned when selling or renting your vacation investment. With TrueShares AI, embrace the idea of more—like 24-hour support, professional writing and photography, and streamlined advertisement management. Best of all, we leverage AI technology to set your optimal goals whether you're ready to sell or simply want to rent this year's vacation for cash. All this with one straightforward fee, no long-term contracts, and the freedom to visit your vacation club or timeshare as frequently as you like. TrueShares AI has created that Win, Win, Win opportunity!
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