Current Data and Statistics

23 Years in the Timeshare Resale Industry
Averaging $1,000,000 Sold and Rented Per Year
Over 100 Years Combined Timeshare Experience
Over $21,522,502 Sold and Rented
More Than 6,000 Closed Transactions
Thousands of Website Visitors Each Month

Real-Time Resale & Rental Statistics

Confirmed Offers
Our Clients have 58 confirmed timeshare offers totaling $452,600 that are being worked on but not yet accepted, which means the buyer and seller are communicating about the offer details. If both parties agree on a price then they notify us that the offer was accepted..
Accepted Offers
Our Clients have 59 timeshare resale offers totaling $534,650 that have been accepted, which means that the closing department has requested the deposit to be placed in escrow from the timeshare buyer and a legible copy of the deed from the timeshare seller.
Currently In Closing
Our Clients have 55 timeshare resale's totaling $480,500 in closing with outside closing entities, which means the timeshare buyer has made the deposit and contracts have been or are in the process of being signed by both buyer and seller in addition to various items that are handled during the closing of a timeshare ownership.
Timeshare Rentals
TrueShares is one of the largest online rental marketplaces, so if you want to recoup some of the costs associated with owning and maintaining your timeshare ownership, then renting your timeshare is a great option.

Our clients have received over $19,004,050 in confirmed rental offers for their ownerships from vacationers around the world.
Over $1,699,899 in timeshare rentals have been successfully completed for thousands of timeshare owners that needed to rent out their unused timeshares.
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TrueShares is dedicated to providing a safe and active marketplace that connects people from all over the world that are looking to buy, sell, or rent timeshares.

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