Service Agreement & Payment Authorization

Service Agreement
At TrueShares (TS) we work very hard to provide the best services for timeshare owners. We welcome you aboard and look forward to having you join our “family” of resale buyers and sellers!

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Services Provided

TS will advertise your ownership(s) on our website for a fee of $. If you choose our Platinum advertisement listing, then our BBB A+ and 5 Star rated affiliate closing company will close your sale at no charge. If renting, a $30 administrative fee is applied at the time of rental. TS does guarantee to advertise but cannot guarantee how quickly or for how much you will sell or rent for. All advertised sale and or rental prices are set by the advertiser and or owner of the ownership.

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I/We hereby authorize TS to charge $ to my/our credit card or debit my/our checking account for all fees indicated above. I/We understand the Platinum advertisement fee is non-refundable after the first ten days unless an advertisement is sold during the original 12 month advertising period in any way other than through TS within 50% of the original asking price, TS will refund 50% of the advertising fee upon proof of a bona fide sale, or if the property is rented during the original advertising period in any way other than through TS within 25% of the original asking price, TS will refund 50% of the advertising fee upon proof of a bona fide rental.

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Owner’s Right of Cancellation

TS will provide advertising services pursuant to this contract. If TS represents that TS has a buyer and or renter for your timeshare interest, TS must and will provide you with the name and contact information of such buyer and or renter. You have an un waivable right to cancel this contract for any reason within ten days of the date you signed the contract. To cancel, please notify TS in writing. The effective date of cancellation shall be the date sent and can be sent to 15 Perry Street, Suite 355, Newnan Georgia 30263 or emailed to Refunds will be made within five days after receipt of notice of cancellation. You are not obligated to pay TS any money unless you sign this contract and return it to TS.


Before signing this contract, carefully review your original timeshare purchase contract and other project documents to determine whether the developer has reserved a right of first refusal or other option to purchase your timeshare or to determine whether there are any restrictions or special conditions applicable to the resale or rental. Our closing department and staff are very familiar with these important details about your valued ownership. Please ask if you need any clarification.

TS requires that you verify your acceptance of this Service and Payment contract by submitting an electronic signature below. To verify your acceptance, please provide an electronic signature (type your name) and click confirm my signature. You certify that this is your signature and that it is legally binding. This signature must be that of the individual "signing" this document electronically or be made with the full knowledge and permission of the individual, otherwise it constitutes forgery under s.831.06, Florida Statutes.

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