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With more than 45 Marriott Vacation Club resorts vibrant cities and prime locations throughout the U.S.
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All the world-class, standards of excellence you would expect to have in a luxury vacation suite.

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Marriott is one of the few major timeshare brands that still sells both traditional week(s) and Marriott Destination Points. Weeks owners are sometimes deeded a certain week of the year and assigned a 'Season' of use (Platinum, Gold, Silver), which dictates when they can book or use their week.

One of the best reasons to purchase a Marriott property is how well-known the brand is in the industry. Marriott resorts are very nice properties in very desirable and diverse locations.

Mountain Locations

South Lake Tahoe, California
Marriott Grand Residence Club
Marriott's Timber Lodge

Marriott's Mountain Valley Lodge, Breckenridge
Marriott's StreamSide, Vail

Park City, Utah
Marriott's MountainSide
Marriott's Summit Watch
"The Rocky Mountains have incredible beauty for adventure-chasers and peace-seekers. Enjoy the unspoiled wilderness and unlimited adventures."
"Experience the abundant outdoor activities, majestic sights, and phenomenal golf courses. Your family will enjoy the stay even if they only make it to the spa."
"The world's best theme parks are right next door. Award-winning amenities, endless beauty, and serenity. Come create magical family memories!"

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"Experience endless, sun-drenched beaches in a dazzling tropical resort oasis. Come discover world-class relaxation or family fun recreation."
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